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Storage and Adapter Requirements

Determine your storage and host adapter requirements using the following guidelines:

Storage Devices - Based on your application’s data storage requirements, you will need to determine the type and number of data storage devices required by your configuration. Your shared files should reside on a disk array subsystem (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, or RAID).  LifeKeeper supports a number of hardware RAID peripherals for use in LifeKeeper configurations. See Storage and Adapter Options for a list of the supported peripherals.

Consider the following issues when planning the configuration of your storage devices:

Adapters - Based upon the type of configuration and the number of peripherals, determine the types and number of SCSI or Fibre Channel Host Adapters required. It is important that any adapter you choose be supported by LifeKeeper, as well as by your Linux distribution so that there is a driver available. Refer to Supported Adapter Models for a list of supported host adapters. For reference purposes, you should add the host adapter specifications to your configuration map.

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