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Configuring the Manual Failover Confirmation Option

In certain configurations, it may be desirable to require manual confirmation by a system administrator before allowing LifeKeeper to perform a failover recovery of a system that it detects as failed. This capability can be used to prevent LifeKeeper from performing failovers in situations where LifeKeeper detects that a remote system has crashed when it actually has not.  This situation is possible in configurations that do not include redundant heartbeat communications paths.

This option is configured by setting the confirmso!uname flag on the system which will be performing the failover recovery, where uname refers to the name of the remote system which has failed. See the LCDI-flag(1M) manual page.

When this flag is set and LifeKeeper determines that the indicated system has failed, the lk_confirmso(1M) command must be used to confirm or block switchovers.  See the lk_confirmso(1M) manual page for details on its use, and for information about modifying the default timeout and action values associated with this feature, as specified by the CONFIRMSOTO and CONFIRMSODEF tunables in /etc/default/LifeKeeper.

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