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SNMP Troubleshooting

Following are some possible problems, error messages and solutions related to SNMP Event Forwarding.

Problem: No SNMP trap messages are sent from LifeKeeper, and the SNMP logfile has the following message:

Error: LK_TRAP_MGR is specified in /etc/default/LifeKeeper, but snmptrap command is not in PATH.

Verify that the snmptrap utility is installed on the system (it is usually located in /usr/bin).  If it is not installed, install the appropriate snmp package (see Prerequisites ).  If it is installed in someother location, edit the PATH variable in the file /etc/default/LifeKeeper and add the appropriate path.


Problem: The SNMP log file has the following message:

Error:  snmptrap returned x for Trap nnn: message

There was some problem invoking the snmptrap command, where x is the return code from snmptrap, nnn is the LifeKeeper trap number (see  SNMP Trap Table  ), and message is the message, if any, that was sent to standard error by snmptrap.  Refer to the man page and other documentation for snmptrap to resolve the problem.


Problem: The SNMP log has the following specific message:

Error: snmptrap returned 1 for Trap nnn: s: Missing type/value for variable

This error message is generated because defCommunity is not configured on the LifeKeeper node.  Refer to Configuring LifeKeeper Event Forwarding via SNMP for details on setting a value for this directive.  


Problem: No error messages are logged to the SNMP log, and SNMP trap messages do not appear to be sent from a LifeKeeper server.

Check to see if LK_TRAP_MGR is set to the IP address of the network management server that will receive the traps.  From the command line, use the lk_configsnmp utility with the "query" option to verify the setting (See the   lk_configsnmp(1M) man page for an example.)  Or, search for the entry for LK_TRAP_MGR in the file /etc/default/LifeKeeper.  This variable must be set on each LifeKeeper node that will generate SNMP trap messages.

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