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Set Up TTY Connections

If you plan to use a TTY communications (comm) path for a LifeKeeper heartbeat, you need to set up the physical connection for that heartbeat. Remember that multiple communication paths are required to avoid false failover due to a simple communications failure. Two or more  LAN-based (TCP) comm paths should also be used.

Connect the TTY cable to the serial ports of each server to be used for the serial heartbeat.

  1. Test the serial path using the following command:

 /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/portio -r -p port -b baud


Server 1 is now waiting for input from Server 2.

  1. Run command portioon Server 2. On the second system in the pair, type the following command:

echo Helloworld | /opt/LifeKeeper/bin/portio -p port -b baud


  1. View the console. If the communications path is operational, the software writes "Helloworld" on the console on Server 1. If you do not see that information, perform diagnostic and correction operations before continuing with LifeKeeper configuration.

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