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LifeKeeper API

The LifeKeeper API is used to allow communications between LifeKeeper servers.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Currently, this API is reserved for internal use only but may be opened up to customer and third party usage in a future release.

Network Configuration

Each LifeKeeper server provides the API via an SSL Connection on port 778. This port may be changed using the configuration variable API_SSL_PORT in /etc/default/LifeKeeper


The LifeKeeper API uses PAM for authentication. Access to the API is only granted to users that are members of the group lkadmin, lkoper or lkguest. Depending on the PAM configuration of the system, this can be accomplished by using the local system files (i.e. /etc/passwd and /etc/group) or by including the user in an LDAP or Active Directory group.

Note: The LifeKeeper API does not use the user database that is managed by the lkpasswd utility.

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