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Application Configuration

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Database support with glibc 2.2

Informix Dynamic Server 9.2 also uses glibc 2.1.  Informix Dynamic Server 9.2.1 or later is required on distributions that use glibc 2.2.

Database initialization files

The initialization files for databases need to be either on a shared device and symbolically linked to specified locations in the local file system or kept on separate systems and manually updated on both systems when changes need to be implemented.

Localized Oracle mount points

Localized Oracle environments are different depending on whether you connect as internal or as sysdba. A database on a localized mount point must be created with “connect / as sysdba” if it is to be put under LifeKeeper protection.

Apache updates

Upgrading a LifeKeeper protected Apache application as part of upgrading the Linux operating system requires that the default server instance be disabled on start up.

If your configuration file (httpd.conf) is in the default directory (/etc/httpd/conf), the Red Hat upgrade will overwrite the config file. Therefore, you should make a copy of the file before upgrading and restore the file after upgrading.

Also, see the Specific Configuration Considerations for Apache Web Server section in the Apache Web Server Recovery Kit Administration Guide.

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