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test_lk(1M) - Test LifeKeeper


$LKROOT/lkadm/bin/test_lk uname


The test_lk command allows you to determine whether the LifeKeeper configuration is installed and functioning properly. It performs an active check of the communication paths and verifies that a proper configuration can be determined. The active check sends a message to each server that LifeKeeper knows about to determine if the LifeKeeper daemon processes are functioning. The remote LifeKeeper should respond with a reply message. The shared equivalency of the disk devices is included in the output. The test_lk command should be invoked with the Unix uname for the server you are administering.

The following is an example of the test_lk command.

$LKROOT/lkadm/bin/test_lk "$LKROOT/bin/lcduname"

Test LifeKeeper communications from athens to sparta:

LifeKeeper communications to LCM from athens to sparta is running properly. LifeKeeper communications to LCD from athens to sparta is running properly.

Test LifeKeeper shared peripherals on athens:

/dev/sdd sparta

/dev/sde sparta

/dev/sdb sparta

/dev/sdc sparta


The test_lk command exits with zero upon success and non-zero on failure.


The location of these utilities, LKROOT, is defined in the default file /etc/default/LifeKeeper.

This functionality is only available from the command line on each server. It is not included in the LifeKeeper GUI.




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