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Editing Resource Priorities

You can edit or reorder the priorities of servers on which a resource hierarchy has been defined. First, bring up the Resource Properties dialog just as you would for viewing resource properties. The Resource Properties dialog displays the priority for a particular resource on a server in the Equivalencies Tab as shown below.


There are two ways to modify the priorities:

Using the Up and Down Buttons

  1. Select an equivalency by clicking on a row in the Equivalencies table. The Up and/or Down buttons will become enabled, depending on which equivalency you have selected. The Up button is enabled unless you have selected the highestpriority server. The Down button is enabled unless you have selected thelowest priority server.

  2. Click Up or Down to move the equivalency in the priority list.

The numerical priorities column will not change, but the equivalency will move up or down in the list.

Editing the Priority Values

  1. Select a priority by clicking on a priority value in the Priority column of the Equivalencies table. A box appears around the priority value, and the value is highlighted.

  2. Enter the desired priority and press Enter.

  • Note: Valid server prioritiesare 1 to 999.

After you have edited the priority, the Equivalencies table will be re-sorted.

Applying Your Changes

Once you have the desired priority order in the Equivalencies table, click Apply (or OK) to commit your changes. The Apply button applies any changes that have been made. The OK button applies any changes that have been made and then closes the window. The Cancel button closes the window without saving any changes made since Apply was last clicked.

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