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Deleting a Communication Path

  1. There are four ways to begin.

  2. A dialog entitled Delete Comm Path will appear. For each of the optionst hat follow, click Help for an explanation of each choice.

  3. Select Local Server from the list and click Next.  This dialog willonly appear if the delete is selected using the Delete Comm Path button on the global toolbar or via the Edit menu selecting Server.

  4. Select the communications path(s) that you want to delete and click Next.

  5. Click Delete Comm Path(s). If the output panel is enabled, the dialog closes, and the results of the commands to delete the communications path(s) are shown in the output panel. If not, the dialog remains up to showthese results, and you click Done to finish when all results have beendisplayed.  A message should be displayed indicating the networkconnection is successfully removed

  6. Click Done to close the dialog and return to the GUI status display.

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