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Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise is a powerful data management platform for high performance business applications. Sybase ASE is a versatile, enterprise-class RDBMS that is especially good at handling OLTP workloads. Sybase ASE is used widely in financial, E-commerce, and other technology arenas. The Sybase ASE platform includes many standard components, such as the Adaptive Server, Monitor Server, and Backup Server, as well as other plug-in components. The Adaptive Server component is the relational database server. The Monitor Server is a separate server from the database server that monitors the Adaptive Server. The Monitor Server can provide real time or historical data to client applications. The Backup Server is an Open Server-based application that manages all database backup (dump) and restore (load) operations for Adaptive Server.

The Sybase ASE Recovery Kit will provide LifeKeeper resource protection for the Sybase ASE components Adaptive Server, Monitor Server, and Backup Server.


LifeKeeper for Linux Technical Documentation

Sybase ASE Documentation


Describes the Sybase ASE Recovery Kit’s features and functionality.

Overview / Sybase ASE Resource Hierarchy

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