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Installing/Configuring Sybase ASE with LifeKeeper

Provides instructions for installing and configuring the Sybase ASE software and LifeKeeper software. 

The following sequence is recommended for installing and configuring the Sybase ASE product and LifeKeeper software.  Each of these steps links to detailed tasks.

Install the Sybase ASE Software

Create the Sybase ASE Servers

Install the LifeKeeper Software

After you have performed these tasks, you will be ready to create the LifeKeeper resource hierarchy to protect your Sybase ASE Server(s).

Resource Configuration Tasks

Describes the various functions you may perform on your hierarchies using the LifeKeeper GUI: create, extend, delete and unextend.

Once you have completed the setup tasks described in the previous section, you are ready to create and extend your Sybase ASE resource hierarchies.

The following tasks are available for configuring the LifeKeeper for Linux Sybase ASE Recovery Kit:

Refer to the GUI Administrative Tasks section of LifeKeeper for Linux Technical Documentation for instructions on configuring LifeKeeper Core resource hierarchies, for instance file system and IP resources.

In addition, refer to the LifeKeeper for Linux Technical Documentation for details on the following because they are common tasks with steps that are identical across all recovery kits.

Note: Throughout the rest of this section, configuration tasks are performed using the Edit menu. You may also perform most of the tasks:

Using the right-click method allows you to avoid entering information that is required using the Edit menu. 

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