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Configuration Steps Using Sybase 12.x

Sybase 12.x has long been supported with the Sybase Application Recovery Kit.  However, Sybase 12.x dates back to the mid-2000's, which is somewhat problematic for the current version of LifeKeeper running on modern versions of Linux.  The following will help an administrator to configure Linux so that Sybase 12.x and LifeKeeper will work happily together.

Use Sybase 12.5.4

This version of Sybase will work on most current versions of Linux (Red Hat 5, Novell SLES 10).

Error Messages That You May See

If you try to create a Sybase ASE 12.x resource, you may see an error that  looks like this:

Wed Mar  9 14:57:12 EST 2011 databasehier: BEGIN create of "sybase-donald" on 
server ""
Wed Mar  9 14:57:15 EST 2011 databasehier: ERROR 114010: Unable to get the
version for the Sybase Server donald installed under /sybase1254 on
Wed Mar  9 14:57:15 EST 2011 databasehier: ERROR 001022: END failed hierarchy
"create" of resource "sybase-donald" on server "" with return
value of 2

Error 114010 may indicate a problem with the as well as an installation error. 

What To Do About It?

The actual problem is that root user does not have the right set of libraries to run the Sybase command srvbuild -v to determine what Sybase release the kit is dealing with.  Making changes to /etc/ will put these libraries in root's library path.

  1. Add the following lines to file /etc/ on all servers in the cluster that will be running Sybase 12.x.

<$SYBASE for the Sybase 12.x Instance>/ASE/lib

<$SYBASE for the Sybase 12.x Instance>/OCS/lib

for example, on a SLES 10 SP 1 system, /etc/ looked like this

ford:/etc # cat
include /etc/*.conf

$SYBASE for the Sybase 12.5.4 instance on this cluster was /s10/sybase1254

  1. As root, run the following command:

#  ldconfig

Complete these steps on each cluster system that will run Sybase 12.x.

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