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LifeKeeper - SAP Icons

The following icons are significant on how to interpret the status of SAP resources in a LifeKeeper environment. These icons will show up in the LifeKeeper UI.


Active - Resource is active and in service (Normal state).


Standby - Resource is on the backup node and is ready to take over if the primary resource fails (Normal state).


Failed - Resource has failed; you can try to put the resource in service (right-click on the resource and scroll down to "In Service" and enter). If the resource fails again, then recovery has failed (Failure state).


Attention needed - SAP resource has failed or is in a caution state. If it has failed and automatic recovery is enabled (Protection Level Full or Standard), then LifeKeeper will try to automatically recover the resource. Right-click on the SAP resource and choose Properties. This will show which resource has a caution state. An SAP state of Yellow may be normal, but it signifies that SAP resources are running slow or have performance bottlenecks.

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