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SAP Recovery Kit Documentation

The LifeKeeper® for Linux SAP Recovery Kit provides a mechanism to recover SAP NetWeaver from a failed primary server onto a backup server in a LifeKeeper environment. The SAP Recovery Kit works in conjunction with other LifeKeeper Recovery Kits (the IP Recovery Kit, NFS Server Recovery Kit, NAS Recovery Kit and a database recovery kit, e.g. Oracle Recovery Kit) to provide comprehensive failover protection. (Note: Currently only LifeKeeper for Linux Oracle Recovery Kit is supported. DB2 and MaxDB will be a future addition. Please contact your sales representative for more details.)

This documentation provides information critical for configuring and administering your SAP resources. You should follow the configuration instructions carefully to ensure a successful LifeKeeper implementation. You should also refer to the documentation for the related recovery kits.

SAP Recovery Kit Overview


The following is a list of LifeKeeper related information available from SIOS Technology Corp.:

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