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Install LifeKeeper

LifeKeeper SAP Recovery Kit has been tested with LifeKeeper Version 7.3 and 7.4. If you are using Version 7.3, Order Fulfillment will ship out a patch as well that needs to be applied.

On both the Primary and the Backup servers, LifeKeeper software will now be installed including the following recovery kits:

  1. Stop Oracle Listener and SAP on both machines.

For Example, if the Oracle user is orastc, the Oracle listener is LISTENER_STC, and the SAP user is stcadm:

  1. su to user orastc and run command lsnrctl stop LISTENER_STC

  2. su to user stcadm and run command stopsap sap{No.}

  3. From root user, make sure there are no SAP or Oracle user processes; if there are, enter killall sapstartsrv; even after this command, if there are processes, run “ps –ef” and kill each process

  1. Go into /etc/hosts on both machines and ensure that host and/or DNS entries are properly specified.

  2. Stop and remove the IP addresses from the current interfaces. Note: This step is required before the IP addresses can be protected by the LifeKeeper IP Recovery Kit.

ifconfig eth0:1 down

ifconfig eth0:2 down

  1. Verify the IP addresses have been removed by performing a connection attempt, for example using ping.

  2. Install LifeKeeper on both the Primary server and the Backup server (DE, core, SDR, LVM as well as the licenses).

Refer to the Recovery Kit Documentation for additional information about installing the recovery kits and configuring the servers for protecting resources.

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