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SAP Health Monitoring

LifeKeeper monitors the health of the Primary Application Server (PAS) Instance and initiates a recovery operation if it determines that SAP is not functioning correctly.   

The status will be returned to the user, via the GUI Properties Panel and CLI, as Gray (unknown/inactive/offline), Red (failed), Yellow (issue) or Green (healthy).

If the status of the instance is Gray, state is unknown; no information is available. 

If the status of the instance is Red, the resource will be considered in a failed state and LifeKeeper will initiate the appropriate recovery handling operations.

If the status of the instance is Yellow , it indicates that there may be an issue with the SAP processes for the defined Instance. The default behavior for a yellow status is to continue monitoring without initiating recovery. 

This default behavior can be changed by configuring this option via the GUI resource menu.

  1. Right-click the Instance.

  2. Select Handle Warnings.


  1. The following screen will appear, prompting you to select whether to Fail on Warnings


Selecting Yes will cause a Yellow Warning to be treated as an error and will initiate recovery.

Note: It is highly recommended that this setting be left on the default selection of No as Yellow is a transient state that most often does not indicate a failure.

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