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Update Protection Level

The Protection Level represents the actions that are allowed for each resource. To find out what your current protection level is or to change this option, go to Update Protection Level. The level of protection can be set to FULL, STANDARD, BASIC or MINIMUM.

  1. Right-click your instance.

  2. Select Update Protection Level.


  1. The following screen will appear, prompting you to select the Level of Protection.


FULL. This is the default level which provides full protection, allowing the instance to be started, stopped, monitored and recovered. 

STANDARD. Selecting this level will allow the resource to start, monitor and recover the instance, but it will not be stopped during a remove operation.

BASIC. Selecting this level will allow the resource to start and monitor only. It will not be stopped or restarted on failures.

MINIMUM. Selecting this level will only allow the resource to start the instance. It will not be stopped or restarted on failures.

Note: The BASIC and MINIMUM Protection Levels are for placing the LifeKeeper protected application in a temporary maintenance mode. The use of BASIC or MINIMUM as an ongoing state for the Protection Level of a resource is not recommended. See Hierarchy Remove Errors in the Troubleshooting Section for further information.

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