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Adjusting SAP Recovery Kit Tunable Values

Several of the SAP scripts have been written with a timeout feature to allow hung scripts to automatically kill themselves. This feature is required due to potential problems with unavailable NFS shares. This is explained in greater detail in the NFS Mounts and su topic. Each script equipped with this feature has a default timeout value in seconds that can be overridden if necessary. 

SAP_DEBUG and SAP_CREATE_NAS can be enabled or disabled. The default for SAP_DEBUG is 0 (disabled). To enable, set this parameter to 1.

The default for SAP_CREATE_NAS is 1 (enabled). This is used for automatically including a NAS resource for NAS mounted file systems. To disable, set this parameter to 0.

The table below shows the script names, default values and variable names. To override a default value, simply add a line to the /etc/default/LifeKeeper file with the desired value for that script. For example, to allow the remove script to run for a full minute before being killed, add the following line to /etc/default/LifeKeeper:


Note: The script may actually run for slightly longer than the timeout value before being killed.

Note: It is not necessary to stop and restart LifeKeeper when changing these values.

Script Name

Variable Name

Default Value



420 seconds



1108 seconds



1528 seconds



60 seconds



0 (to enable, set to 1)

create NAS


1 (to disable, set to 0)

Note: In a NetWeaver Java Only environment, if you choose to start the Java PAS in addition to the SCS Instance, you may need to increase the values for SAP_RESTORE_TIMEOUT and SAP_RECOVER_TIMEOUT.

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