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NFS Hierarchy Creation Errors

The error messages that might be displayed during the NFS hierarchy creation are listed below, along with a suggested explanation for each. The messages listed cover both the creation of the nfs and hanfs resources. Error messages displayed by the LifeKeeper core and by other recovery kits are not listed in this guide. Note that you may stop to correct any problem described here, and then continue with hierarchy creation from the point where you left off – including creating any new LifeKeeper resources you might need for your NFS configuration.

Note: In the following error messages, Command line only indicates that you can only receive the message if you are entering commands on the command line; you cannot receive it if you are using the LifeKeeper GUI. Additionally, at the end of hierarchy create a resource restore is initiated. See Hierarchy Restore, Remove and Recover Messages and Errors for an explanation of messages and errors that can occur during that process.

Error Number

Error Message



Export point not specified

You must specify the export point for the NFS file system when you create the resource hierarchy. Command line only.


The path "EXPORT POINT" is not exported by NFS

The export point you specified is not currently exported by NFS. Use exportfs(8) to export the path and verify the path is in the /var/lib/nfs/etabfile. Command line only.


create: The export point “EXPORTPOINT” on “server1” for client “CLIENT” either does not contain an FSID export option or the value is not unique. A unique FSID will be generated and "EXPORTPOINT" will be re-exported using the new FSID value.

All export point under LifeKeeper protection must use a unique fsid= export option for high availability NFS. The selected export did not meet this requirement so a unique value was generated followed by a re-export for the selected export point. Note: a client of “*” or “world” indicates the export point is available to all clients.


Unable to create the export entry file for "EXPORT POINT" in LifeKeeper

Possible causes:

  • The file system is full on the target server.

  • File system problems - Steeleye-lkNFS package needs to be reinstalled.


The export point "EXPORT POINT" is not on a shared file system on server "SERVER"

Make sure that the export point is for a shared file system. Command line only.


Unable to create the HA-NFS hierarchy "TAG" with child resource "TAG" on server "SERVER"

Review the other error messages to determine the action to take.


Unable to remove entry for export point "EXPORT POINT" from /etc/exportson server "SERVER"

Verify that the /etc/exports file exists and is readable.



Usage of command run with incorrect arguments. Command line only.


"REQUIRED SOFTWARE" cannot be found or does not have the expected permissions on server "SERVER"

NFS must be installed on the primary server and all backup servers. Verify that the nfs-utils has been installed


Executing command: "COMMAND"

This message is displayed when LifeKeeper restarts an NFS daemon or exports/unexports an export point. It provides additional information that can be useful if there is a problem.


The generated id "nfs-/export" conflicts with an existing resource id

The internally generated resource ID for the nfs or hanfs resource has produced a duplicate.


An unknown error has occurred while running "newtag" on server "Server1"

An unexpected error occurred while running the command newtag to generate a tag for the nfs for hanfs resource.


Adding dependency between HA-NFS resource "hanfs-/export" and filesysresource "export" on server "server1" failed.

Dependency creation between the selected hanfs resource and the filesys resource has failed for unknown reasons. See output for more information.


Open of "ABC" on server "SERVER" failed: "File not found"

The attempted open failed for the reason listed.


Unable to get exclusive lock on "/var/lib/nfs/rmtab" on server "SERVER"

Unable to place an exclusive lock on /var/lib/nfs/rmtab for update after 20 seconds indicating a problem with the file.


Re-export of "/export" to add FSID option failed on server "SERVER"

The export point “/export” did not contain a fsid argument and the re-export after one was generated failed. Manually add a fsid argument to the /etc/exports entry and re-export to determine the failure.


Dependent IP resource tag name not specified

You must specify the resource tag for the protected IP address when you create the NFS resource hierarchy. Command line only.


Selected IP resource "TAG" does not exist on server “SERVER"

You must create the IP resource on the specified server before you can create the NFS resource. Also, make sure that you typed the IP resource correctly when you entered the command. Command line only.


Adding dependency between NFS resource "TAG" and IP resource "TAG" on server "SERVER" failed

Verify the IP resource is in-service on the server where the NFS resource is being created. Command line only.


Creation of HA-NFS resource "TAG" on server "SERVER" failed 

Review other error messages to determine the action to take.


Adding dependency between IP resource "TAG" and HA-NFS resource "TAG" on server "SERVER" failed

Verify that the IP resource is in-service on the server where the HA-NFS resource is being created. Command line only.


Attempts to get exclusive lock on "/var/lib/nfs/rmtab" on server "SEVER" failed: "ABC"

Unable to place an exclusive lock on /var/lib/nfs/rmtab for updating. See the error message for the cause.


Unable to create directory "ABC" on server "SERVER": "ABC"

An attempt to create a directory on the exported file system has failed. See the error message for the cause.


Open of "FILE" on server "SERVER" failed: “ABC” or Attempt to get exclusive lock on "FILE" on server "SERVER" failed: "ABC

An attempt to open or obtain an exclusive lock on a file has failed. See the error message for the cause.


The selected IP resource "ip-123.45.678.90" is not ISP on server "SERVER"

The selected IP resource does exist on the server but is not currently in service. Bring the IP resource in service on the server and then re-attempt the creation. Command line only.


Unable to remove bind mount entry "TAG" on "SERVER". 

An unexpected error occurred while attempting to remove bind mount entries from /etc/fstab for TAG on SERVER.


Multiple NFS v4 root exports found on "SERVER". 

Multiple NFS v4 psuedo file systems found on SERVER where only one is supported.


Unable to protect more than one NFS v4 export or a combination of NFS v4 and NFS v3 exports.

Attempting to protect a mix of NFS v2/v3 exports with NFS v4 which is not supported.

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