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Before installing and configuring the LifeKeeper NFS Server Recovery Kit, be sure that your configuration meets the following requirements:

Note: Even though each server requires only a single network interface, you should use multiple interfaces for a number of reasons: heterogeneous media requirements, throughput requirements, elimination of single points of failure, network segmentation and so forth.

The LifeKeeper Installation Support setup script will configure nfs-utils for use in an HA environment. Additionally, when using the kit to protect NFS v2/v3 exports, the init scripts NFS lock (/etc/init.d/nfslock) and NFS server (/etc/init.d/nfs or /etc/init.d/nfsserver depending on the Linux distribution) should be configured to start automatically on system boot. When protecting NFS v4 root exports, they should not be configured to automatically start at boot.

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