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Configuration Tasks

The following configuration tasks can be performed from the LifeKeeper GUI. These four tasks are described in this section as they are unique to an NFS Server resource instance and different for each Recovery Kit.

Note: Throughout this section, we explain how to configure your Recovery Kit by selecting certain tasks from the Edit menu of the LifeKeeper GUI. You can also select each configuration task from the toolbar. You may also right-click on a global resource in the Resource Hierarchy Tree (left-hand pane) of the status display window to display the same drop-down menu choices as the Edit menu. This, of course, is only an option when a hierarchy already exists.

You can also right-click on a resource instance in the Resource Hierarchy Table (right-hand pane) of the status display window to perform all the configuration tasks, except Creating a Resource Hierarchy, depending on the state of the server and the particular resource.

The following tasks are described in the Administration section within the LifeKeeper for Linux Technical Documentation because they are common tasks with steps that are identical across all Recovery Kits.

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